【Happy Easter|提前準備復活心情🐣】

【Happy Easter|提前準備復活心情🐣】

講起復活節,唔一定淨係得復活蛋嘅😉!今年Twelve Cupcakes 有3款可愛復活節版本🥰 – 輕甜嘅Sweet Rabbit🐇、鬆軟嘅Adorable Chick🐥同香濃嘅Cutest Carrot🥕!



【Happy Easter|Get into the Springtime Spirit!🐣】

Easter isn’t just about Easter eggs😉! This year, Twelve Cupcakes has crafted 3 adorable Easter cupcakes🥰 - a sweet rabbit🐇, an adorable chick🐥 and the cutest little carrot🥕!

📱Pre-orders* are now open, so get ready for your Easter!

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